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  Well, you have to have a yard, and I happen to like to garden. However, living out in the boonies, there are other critters that were enjoying my garden. Now mind you, they were here first...my bad.  But they are not welcome and the chicken wire we had for awhile worked, until the deer found it and told their friends, and the rabbits learned how to dig under the fence and then of course there are others! So we built the wall around the garden, creating an Old West Town front for the back side of the yard. 2 are actual buildings, The Shady Lady Hotel and Blacksmith.

The Shady Lady has 2 rooms. One for BBQ and its where we put our seedlings. There is also a pellet stove in there for heat. We start seedlings in the house, usually around the end of December, then about February, we move them out to the Shady Lady and use the pellet stove for the cold evenings to keep the seedlings alive. Blacksmith shop is pretty much used for storage.

Great place to sit, relax and enjoy.

You can also enjoy an abundance of Hummingbirds during season. They usually arrive the first of April and stay well into the fall.


Here is a video of the yard