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We have 3! All three are around 2500 sq. ft. Give or take some 150'.


Warehouse 1, our first warehouse. This came even before we could consider a house. It does have an office, but since we built the 2nd warehouse, that office has just become storage space. The office space is about 10'x10'. There are cabinets, an evaporative cooler and a place for a propane heater. We worked in this office for probably 10 years, before building the other warehouse. The floor is dirt with cinders on it (except for the office). The solar batteries and inverter are in this building as well as the generators. We keep excess stock in here, our vehicle, quads and other stuff!


Warehouse 2, our current warehouse where we keep most inventory and have our office to work out of. The floor is concrete and it has a concrete apron in the front. The office has evaporative cooler and propane ceramic heater. There is also the "shipping area". Table for packing, scale, box cutters, boxes, etc.

There is also "make shift" bathroom in this warehouse, with a make shift septic. So pretty much just to go potty....or nothing at all!

This is where you walk to "work" everyday. Very short commute, 60 seconds!


Warehouse 3, sits in town, approximately 8 miles from the home, just half a mile off the main hwy on a county maintained road,  so we can have semi trucks pick up and deliver. Semi trucks will NOT come out to the house property, which is why we have this warehouse. It sits on 7 acres. The building only is fenced, due to "free range" cattle. It's floor is concrete and it has a concrete apron. We use it to store pallets of product and we keep our toy hauler in it. Had to have a door installed just for that. So if you have an RV, it should fit. There is nothing on this property as far as electric, phone, water, etc. NOTHING! Electric is available if you want to bring it in.

It's about 8 miles from the house to this warehouse. This property is currently a POA, with a $75.00 year fee.