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  First let me say I'm not just tossing out the name of the business here. Once we are "talking turkey" meaning you have a real interest, I will supply you with all the business information.
  • I will say this, last 3 years sales have been over 500k each year. We mark most of the products up 3 times or more. If you cant make money paying .09 for an item and selling it for 9.95, this isn't for you.
  • We can supply you with sales numbers since we started online in 2000. We have been in business since 1991.
  • There are 2 active websites, in addition to listings on Amazon and Ebay.
  • We have daily UPS pickup.
  • You will need to take your smaller USPS packages to town about 8 miles away. We either take one of the atvs (business expense you know) or the truck to the post office.
  • Its a seasonal business with sales picking up in March, then tapering off in July. This is when you'll make 80% of your money.
  • There are trade shows that you may want to attend that we can tell you about.
  • There are allot of things you can do with the business to increase sales, if you want to work it, there's no reason you cant turn 1,000,000 a year. Hint-Your selling some products made by a major mfg. that quit selling a particular line back in 2003, we picked it up and improved on it......that really started our success. We are the ONLY manufactures of these products.
  • Older fork lift NOT INCLUDED, but negotiable  in the warehouse in town so you can load trucks and unload containers from overseas. I believe its a Clark brand, it works fine for the times we have used it. There are 2 pallet jacks, one in town and the other at this warehouse, also NOT INCLUDED, but negotiable.
  • Pallet racking, store fixtures, shipping supplies and inventory all included. Last inventory was around 100k. 
  • We'll put you in touch with our overseas supplier who makes many of our private label products.
  • Only thing your going to need to run the business is your laptop and printer.....everything else is here to make money.
  • This all works well for us. In the fall and winter when it's slow, relax, work on the website and get in touch with other companies that may be intein your product, we do have a few. We make enough money that we don't want to find other things to sell in the slow season. 
  • Our accountant is close by in town next to the post office. Those truly interested we will set up an appointment with the accountant so you can go over paperwork if you like.