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Power is with solar and we have 2 propane generators. One Kohler 15kw for backup of the solar system, and a second smaller generator as a backup to the backup generator (never been used other than to test it when we bought it). We have installed a switch in case there is a lighting strike, to bypass the inverters if need be to supply power in an emergency. Never had one of those emergencies.


Solar comprises of 2 sets of panels on trackers, and 2 sets of fixed panels. On a cool sunny day we can pull in 150 amps, and usually are full power within 3 hours or less. There are 2 - 110V Inverters to give you 220V, which will allow you to pump water without turning on the generator. There are 4 charge controllers to work with the 4 sets of panels, and a circuit breaker to shut the system down.


There are "24 Rolls" brand, 6V deep cell batteries. Batteries are maintained every month (water added) and batteries purged twice a year. This set of batteries is about 4 years old. Last set of Rolls batteries lasted for about 11 years.


There is a wind generator as well. It makes power, but nothing compared to the solar panels. We just consider it a wind gizmo to tell us which way the wind is blowing.



Rolls Batteries


Main Generator

Back up Generator


Fixed Array Left and Right are on a Tracker. Center is Fixed Array Both Trackers Again