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Videos below are slide shows.

Showing the house, outside yard, warehouses, garden, solar, etc.





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    This slide shows shows entrance to the house to the foyer. Through the door to the right is Utility/Laundry Room and Spare Bathroom.

There is also an upright freezer in there and the "on demand" hot water heater.

Floors are ceramic tile.


    This is the large spacious kitchen, from all angles.

LOTS of cabinets, counter space, island and sitting bar. Bar over looks into the living area and out the windows of the back of house. Beautiful views!

Stove is propane, fridge and dishwasher are electric. Floor is wood laminate.


    Large spacious living area. Lots of windows, patio door, pellet stove for heat and evaporative cooler for cooling.

Entertainment center & end tables not included.

Wood laminate flooring.

At the far end, behind that chair is the door to the spare bedroom.

At the other end, is the master bedroom.



Large master bedroom. Patio door leads out to the garden. Door to the bathroom is down by the patio door. Bedroom set not included.

There is a walk in closet behind the bathroom door (when it's open). I did not video that, due to the fact I would have to empty it!

The commode sits behind a "private" wall.

Glass blocks in the shower to provide light, but there is a light in there.


    Nice size spare bedroom, spacious closet and storage above the closet.

Bed, dresser and pinball machine not included.


    Outdoor garden and sitting area.


    This video shows some views from the top of the hill where the water tanks are.

All 3 warehouses, inside of warehouses 2 &3, the solar panels, garage, shipping area, aisles of product and more.