What does a typical day look like? (Chores, etc.)

The business is seasonal. Of course we get orders all year long, but just not so many in the winter. Stays pretty busy from Mar until July and then will taper off. My husband packs the orders and I answer the phones. Typical day March – July, we are and have always been early risers. Getting out to the warehouse about daylight. First, if I had gone to the post office the day before, pay any bills and get them back out the door. Next, print off orders. Separate UPS and USPS orders. Go through them to make sure we have everything. From there, do the paperwork from the day before, checking them off and entering in the check book. Next, either stock from what UPS brought the day before or see if we need to place any orders. Next....time to put stuff in a box. Usually I start on UPS and if Lori has time she will help me with the USPS orders which are smaller. One of us will usually drive or take the atv to Concho to the Post Office. Usually done by 3pm with orders. But the phone will continue to ring.

A day in the late fall or winter....same as above just fewer orders, so this is the time for you to work on the website, new products, videos (which you should make in the spring and summer), seo, etc. 


How many days a week do you work?

Pretty much every day, if not work related, then things around here. Unless we are in town shopping, which is usually on Friday. Mondays are the busiest, for whatever reason, plus you have the orders that have come in over the weekend. We will sometimes go out and pack on Sat. and Sun., just so we won't have so much to do on Mon. Again, this in the busy season, 3-4 months. Fall and winter are slow, with just a few orders to go out, so only a few hours to get this done..


How much time do you spend in town at the warehouse? (unpacking, arranging, moving , etc.)

Not much. It's pretty much extra stuff and we will bring it back the home property as needed. The only thing shipped to this location is the containers. You have 2 hours to unload a 40' container. Unload the pallets and start putting stuff in your pickup to bring back to main warehouse. When we go to Show Low, or to the post office, I'll stop in the warehouse and fill up the pickup with what I need back at home. Only other reason to go there is when you get larger orders and they need to be shipped via truck. Build the pallet, shrink wrap it and then get ahold of the 2-logistics company we use to get a shipping quote. Pick the quote and have the driver pickup. All drivers to call 1 hour before they get there so we have time to get there. This may only happen a half dozen times a year. Don't forget to keep all this in your business mileage.


What type of products are you selling?

Drip irrigation products. The soaker hose and the fittings that we sell is "our" product, we have it made in Taiwan. We will put you in touch with the person we buy from in Taiwan. The Hardware/Garden Show is held in Vegas and there is a section for "international". That's where we look for new products and contacts, and this person will help us communicate. Two websites are www.mrdrip.com, www.soakerhosedepot.com. We also sell on Amazon and Ebay.


How good is the internet? (Speed wise and connectivity, many disruptions in service)

Internet is fine. We have been here almost 20 years doing this. We’re not tech people, but the UPS tech out of Flagstaff was doing some work on our shipping computer remotely and said the speed was pretty good. Since our livelihood is online if the internet does go down, we'll use the hotspots on the phones to keep things running. 


What part of Arizona are you located?

North East, about 20 miles from the NM border. See the red star on the map, near St. Johns and Show Low


How far out are you from a big town with department stores and restaurants?

Show Low is the nearest town. It has a Wal Mart and another grocery store, Safeway. No mall. Another Wal Mart in Snowflake. Both take about an hour to get to. Restaurants in Show Low are pretty much fast food, or Mexican. Flagstaff is 2.5 hours from here, it does have a mall, restaurants and most stores you might be accustom to.


See the source image



How close is the nearest airport?

There is a small airport in Show Low. Major airport is in Phoenix, a 4-hour drive or you can fly out of Show Low to Phoenix.


How close is the nearest body of water? (Lake, river, beach)

Concho has a small lake, have seen people fishing. Lyman Lake south of St. John has boating and camping. Big Lake is between Springerville and Sunrise ski slope. Several more lakes in the Phoenix area. Just Google "lakes in Arizona".


From what I can see in the videos, there are what appear to be cameras on the warehouses, has there been any issues or just precautionary?

No issues, basically when we're away we like to know the weather at home and the inside of the house. we use the cameras to keep an eye on the pellet stove while gone in the winter. Why the weather? One year we were in Laughlin and headed home…..that was a bad move. I40 iced over, snow storm we couldn’t get home for 2 days. If we had seen the weather at home, would have stayed in Laughlin.


Do you monitor the cameras from the house?

Cameras are Nest brand so we can see from our phone or laptop while away. They are connected to our computers, phone and personal account. So not included in the sale.


Do both warehouses have internet?

Internet comes into both warehouses and the home on the 80 acres and is broadcast over the property for use everywhere. Warehouse in town has no internet, no power, no water, nothing.


Does the atv stay with the business?

No, but we could talk about it.


Are there any other vehicles that go with the business?

No, again would have to talk about it.


How do vacations normally work?

Most our trips are 2-4 days, so there’s no issue with shipping. Just hit it hard when you get back. Again, talking spring and summer. I don’t believe we ever took a week off in the busy season. We do like camping and sneak out in the fall for that. We do go back east to visit family, usually 5-6 days, again usually in the fall. You don’t want to be taking off during your busy time, as it’s a short window.


So how would the business training take place and for how long?

We would both take time to train you. We can go over products and how “we” deal with customers. Teach you the shopping carts, ordering over seas, etc. And do this for as long as you need. We would always be available to answer any questions. We learned this all on our own, so you can too!


What type of yearly maintenance needs to be on the 80 acres?

There’s always something to do!

Regular maintenance is mainly with the power. Fill batteries once a month, grease trackers twice a year, service generator (battery) once or twice a month, equalize the batteries twice a year. Toss in some roebic in the toilet monthly. Change water filter coming into house yearly. Flush on demand hot water heater 3x a year.


How old is the well? How often do you get it tested?

I would have to pull the papers I think it was drilled in 2004 and tested. Never tested it again. The water is great tasting and we usually take jugs of of it with us when going away, to avoid buying bottled water.


Any predators to worry about, we have a dog and I would like to have chickens as well as other farm animals.

We have coyotes, but rarely even see them. We hardly ever see anything. Rattle snakes, have only ever seen 2-3 times, same with tarantulas. Supposedly bob cat and mountain lion, have never seen any of those. Several neighbors have chickens, goats, cattle, horses and turkeys. We have no pets, but plenty of hummingbirds in the spring, summer and fall. Home was/is no children, animals or smoke.


What do your seasons look like?

Plenty of sun year around, average is about 280 days of sun. We do get 4 seasons in  NE Arizona. The weather is mild, no tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes. Spring is windy here, not rainy like the midwest and east coast. Summer is 90’s but cool at night, to leave the windows open. Winter can get down to mins zero a couple of nights a year. Normal winter teens to maybe 50 during the day. Monsoons July to mid Sept. Fall is the nicest. Generally when it snows, it can be gone the same or next day. Occasionally we get a big snow, 12" or more, but that doesn't even happen every year. 


Do you usually get snow? If so what’s the norm?

Yes, this year and about 10 years ago, were the biggest we had. The big storm we had was about 15” here. Normally, we get a few small snows with less than 4”. And it’s normally gone in a day or so.


How far is the closet hospital?

Hospital in Show Low is an hour, Springerville is hour and 15 minutes away. We can let you know what doctor and dentist we use.


How is the local town culture?

It’s a very small town,  you have family dollar, a couple of bar/restaurants, jiffy store, post office and our accountant. Very small, just blue collar people who enjoy their privacy. There is a garden club that meets once a month in Concho, we have been to that a few times.

Bull Market, The Bull Market is a Corporation for Public Benefit with a mission to grow local farmers, ranchers, and entrepreneurs.  The store opened in July of 2016 and began buying produce and products from over 50 Arizona vendors, 24 of whom came from within 50 miles. Read more on their home page.


Are there any hotels close by?

Not in Concho, Show Low is the closest/best places to stay.